The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) on Friday, 17 April, clarified its stance on the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

“The Bar Association of Sri Lanka has been consistently committed to upholding and preserving the Rule of Law in Sri Lanka,” BASL Secretary Ajith Pathirana said in a statement.
The Secretary said the objective of the BASL always is to pave the way for good governance by guaranteeing the independence of the Judiciary, Public Service including the Police and to eradicate corruption and the 19th Amendment is mandatory to achieve this objective.
He further stated that there are five key issues crucial to create a democratic society that need to be addressed in the legislation.
The re-establishment of the Constitutional Council, the re-establishment of the Independent Commissions, including the National Police Commission and the Elections Commission, the recognition of the Right to Information as a Fundamental Right, the establishment of a transparent and accepted procedure in the appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal and the abrogation of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution are those issues.
The BASL added that those provisions are crucial at this juncture and requested all relevant sections to set aside petty political and other differences and to act in the common interest of the Nation at this crucial moment.